Dog Halloween Gift Baskets
Dog Halloween Gift Baskets
Send a basket full of Halloween dog treats and watch the fun begin! We have put together a delightful assortment of dog treats and dog toys for Fido and also gifts that include tasty treats for his owner!

Our Halloween gift baskets for dogs and combination Halloween gift baskets for dogs are excellent Halloween gifts for the grand kids, nieces and nephews.
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Spooky Treats Dog & Owner GiftSpooky Treats Dog & Owner GiftHalloween is all about things that go bump and our Spooky Treats Halloween gift is sure to have them just a little on edge. Wendy the Good Witch sits with broom in hand protecting your gift of Halloween treats from the would-be thief's trying to steal it. Inside it is filled with only delicious name brand candy like Skittles and Reese's along with a box of delicious treats for the dog. All our Halloween gifts are suitable for kids of any age and are most appropriate for school aged children, college students, grandparents and anyone who would enjoy a visit from Wendy the Good Witch this Halloween season! *Please keep all chocolate away from dogs. It can cause serious issues and even death.
Just for Dogs at HalloweenJust for Dogs at HalloweenExpect some howling in your doggy neighborhood this howl-oween when our Just for Dogs at Halloween gift arrives. You know how the gossip is spread from dog to dog along the fence line every day but when this Halloween gift delivers the barking will be all about Fido and the new gift! It’s all about the doggy biscuits as we’ve included 2 beautifully designed and decorated gourmet doggy biscuits fresh from the bakery along with other ghoulish goodies. Let the gossip barking begin… woof-licious!
Dog Gone Cute Halloween Dog GiftDog Gone Cute Halloween Dog GiftThis Halloween dog gift really is too Dog Gone Cute not to send this year! Our doggy trick-or-treat dog gift is certain to impress your friend and his/her adorable pooch; with “treats” that include an assortment of bakery fresh biscuits and even a gourmet hand decorated biscuit that’s paws-a-tively PAW-SOME! Send some treats this Halloween season!
Halloween Dog TreatsHalloween Dog TreatsThis modern themed Halloween dog gift is making tails wag across the nation this October. Dogs may not like Frankenstein or Zombies, but they just love biscuits! With this special Halloween doggy gift, we’ve included some very fine gourmet biscuits that Fido is sure to love to munch on and perhaps not see those ghosts walking down the street. This festive Halloween doggie gift is certainly a universal gift and can be sent to dogs of any kind.
Halloween Ruffs Dog GiftHalloween Ruffs Dog GiftEvery Halloween Fido does so well trying to contain himself while the doorbell rings and those pesky witches and goblins peek in to say BOO! Calm him down this year with his very own gift of treats with our Halloween Ruffs Dog Gift. Full of biscuits and even a “chill pill” this Halloween dog gift makes a perfect dog gift for your favorite canine friends.
Halloween Barks and Wags Dog GiftHalloween Barks and Wags Dog GiftWhen the lights go out who protects your family from the ghosts and goblins that attack and eat all the candy in your home? It’s FIDO! All night long he roams the house looking for those nasty spooky rascals; upstairs and downstairs he goes and he even peeks behind that nasty furnace! It’s time to reward Fido with his very own doggy Halloween gift. He will love you even more as he’s munching on these outstanding bakery biscuits.
Halloween Pawty Dog GiftHalloween Pawty Dog GiftThis Halloween, let’s face it; some dogs are simply Pawty Animals dressing up in costumes and greeting the little monsters that come to their door!! To celebrate with those awesome dogs that love to socialize and eat treats (and not necessarily in that order) we’ve got the perfect Halloween gift for them; our Halloween Pawty Dog Gift. Filled with a wide assortment of yummy crunchy bones (biscuits) in a whole variety of flavors and even shapes and sizes this gift is certain to get him in that playful mood. To expend some of that spooky fun energy built up inside, we’ve included a couple play toys you can toss and play with and one’s kind of scary! It’s time to share our Halloween Pawty Dog Gift with your favorite canine this season!
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