Dog Lovers Gift Baskets
Dog Lovers Gift Baskets

You'll find dog gifts of all kinds that can be sent to that special dog as a dog birthday gift, welcome home dog gift, get well dog gift or even a thank you dog & here's some biscuits!

Some of these Dog Gifts are large enough so his pals can join in too!

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Cassidy's Dog Bisket Mix Gift PackageCassidy's Dog Bisket Mix Gift PackageLooking for a safe and wholesome treat to give your four-legged kids? Make the smart choice and bake your dog biscuits right at home. We have gathered together all human grade ingredients so all you need to do is add margarine, water, mix, bake and serve. Control the quality of your dogs treats and go the extra step by baking safe and wholesome dog biscuits.
Doggy's Choice Gift BagDoggy's Choice Gift BagSend a special canine his very own doggy bag with this Doggy’s Choice. An adorable large paw print adorns this handled tote bag and comes filled with delicious doggy biscuits. This gift is perfect gift to give for any doggy occasion.
Doggy's Birthday Choice Gift BagDoggy's Birthday Choice Gift BagCelebrate your favorite canine’s birthday with this Doggy’s Birthday gift. Filled with only necessitates…. biscuits of course! Sure to get the attention of any dog as it has two favorites; Barkin’ Biskets and Tail Waggers along with one great big decorated Happy Birthday bone shaped biscuit. Yeah this day will go down in history as the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!
Furr-Ever Home Dog GiftFurr-Ever Home Dog GiftWelcome home a new puppy, rescue dog or a special fur baby that has been on the mend with this wonderful dog gift. Nothing says welcome home better than biscuits and a toy so if you can’t be there to offer belly and ear rubs send some treats, as it’s the next best thing!
Dog Gone Cute Dog GiftDog Gone Cute Dog GiftThis doggie gift really is Dog Gone Cute! A fun doggy gift that is very versatile and appropriate for many gifting occasions or for simply no reason at all. An assortment of bakery fresh biscuits and even a gourmet hand decorated cookie to brighten their day.
Just for DogsJust for DogsExpect some fun barking in your doggy neighborhood when our Just for Dogs gift arrives. You know how the gossip is spread from dog to dog along the fence line every day and when this gift delivers the barking will be all about Fido and the new gift! It’s all about the doggy biscuits so let the gossip barking begin… woof-licious!
Dog Treat GiftDog Treat GiftThis modern themed dog gift is making tails wag across the nation. Dogs just love biscuits and with this doggy gift, we’ve included some very fine gourmet biscuits that Fido is sure to love. This doggie gift is certainly a universal gift and can be sent for your special occasion.
Doggie Hugs GiftDoggie Hugs GiftOne of our very best dog get well gifts! Filled with the essentials to help put Fido back on the road to recovery and feeling better this dog get well basket is ready to be delivered and put right to use. Inside the pet owner will find the all-important Pill Pockets by Greenies where you can “hide” those pesky pills inside a great tasting treat so you’ll know Fido took his meds. An adorable bone shaped pill minder for all his pills for the week so they are not confused with their own and finally we’ve included biscuits for either enticing them to eat or to save for when they’re feeling better. Hug a favorite dog today with our Doggy Hugs Gift!
Just What the Vet OrderedJust What the Vet OrderedHave a special pooch that’s recovering from a surgery or just under the weather? Perk them up with our Just What the Vet Ordered Dog Gift. Inside is filled with yummy gourmet dog biscuits, a weekly pill minder for Fido’s medications and finally a plush ‘chill pill’ for play once they start to recover. Get that tail a waggin’ with one of our most popular dog gifts.
Perfect Pooch Dog GiftPerfect Pooch Dog GiftThis dog gift is simply perfect for your best 4-legged friend. Our Perfect Pooch Dog Gift is filled with an assortment of our delicious and yummy dog treats along with a great plush toy just for Fido to play with! Treat your canine to his very own surprise with this awesome doggy gift! The container is a fun lime green and white handled tin that can be used for a wide assortment of uses.
Lucky Dog GiftLucky Dog GiftSending this unique dog gift is sure to have that special pooch feeling pretty LUCKY! Designed inside a beautiful white and yellow tin that can be reused in any home, this gift is simply perfect for the puppy to full grown dog. Dog treats of various sizes along with a doggie cake to bake at home and devour!
Cool Dog GiftCool Dog GiftDog gifts are very “cool” to send or receive and this gift is no different. Packed full with yummy doggy biscuits and even a plush “cool” toy. This gift is a perfect choice to send for Welcome to your new home, get well soon to thanks for watching our pets while we were on vacation. You find an occasion and we’ll deliver the gift.
Party Girl Dog GiftParty Girl Dog GiftIt’s PARTY TIME for some lucky pooch! This adorable pink doggy gift is perfect for so many gifting occasions, New Puppy, New Home, Get Well, Happy Birthday and so much more. A selection of bakery fresh doggy biscuits are included in this fabulous gift along with an adorable plush toy. Celebrate in style and send a wonderful girl doggy gift today!
Get Well Pooch Dog GiftGet Well Pooch Dog GiftSend get well wishes to your favorite canine with this medical themed doggy gift basket. This gift includes the famous Pill Pockets® which are healthy treats with a patented pocket to safely conceal the medicine. An adorable pill minder is also included to help sort and maintain a whole week’s supply of medications. This gift makes an awesome dog get well gift!
Barker Bucket Dog GiftBarker Bucket Dog GiftEvery time a dog barks he's asking for our Barker Bucket! Okay maybe it's the UPS man that all the barking is about but he could be delivering this marvelous dog gift! A yellow wooden container holds an assortment of awesome, tail wagging biscuits and treats just for Fido and exactly how could this delivery be any better? With your awesome gift message! Tell Fido to keep doing his business outside, or to get well, even welcome to your new home!
Doggy Wags Gift PackageDoggy Wags Gift PackageA beautiful black faux leather container holds this assortment of doggie treats that is certain to make your favorite dog’s tail wag. A collection of crunchy doggy biscuits including our delicious bake at home biscuit mix complete with bone shaped biscuit cutter and easy directions. Our Doggy Wags dog gift is perfect for puppies a bit under the weather; puppy graduation, potty training and even I miss you or many thanks. See those tails wag with this dog gift filled with yummy treats.
Beg for More Dog GiftBeg for More Dog GiftA gift that a dog loves is certain to have him begging for more and with all the treats inside this dog gift we’re sure there will be plenty of beggin’ going on. Designed within a reusable wooden tote this doggy gift is filled with both a wide assortment of biscuits and treats and a durable Kong tennis ball for play. Give the gift that dogs love and have them Beg For More!
Outdoor Adventure Dog GiftOutdoor Adventure Dog GiftFor the dog that loves to hunt, run or just enjoys being outside, this dog gift is for you! Designed for the outdoor loving dog, this gift is filled with specialty biscuits he will really enjoy. Different flavors are plentiful within this gift and are sure to please. Our Outdoor Adventure Dog Gift is a perfect choice for any pet gifting occasion.
The Finest Dog Treats GiftThe Finest Dog Treats GiftNothing but the finest for your special pooch. This delightful gift is full of biscuits and a special treat too. Biscuits come in a variety of flavors so no pooch will become bored of the same flavor and they also come in a variety of sizes too! Reward with a smaller biscuit and spoil with a great big biscuit too. We’ll let you be the judge but if the dog is a smaller breed the owner can break down the large biscuits into several treats. This gift is perfect for any gifting occasion for the dog!
Uptown Dog & Owner Winter GiftUptown Dog & Owner Winter GiftThis beautiful winter themed pet lover gift contains goodies for both the dog and the family! Fido is sure to enjoy the variety of gourmet biscuits he is to receive while the family will enjoy making one fine homemade pizza. Our dog lover gifts are always a hit and certain to be enjoyed by the whole family; even Fido!
Barks and Wags Dog GiftBarks and Wags Dog GiftHere’s a doggy gift that really delivers all that and the biscuits too! Our Barks and Wags Dog Gift is filled with all those yummy crunchy biscuits that dogs just love. We’ve included a variety of bakery brands in a variety of flavors just for your special pooch. Share the love of BISCUITS with this special doggie gift.
Ruffed Up Pup Dog GiftRuffed Up Pup Dog GiftIt’s never fun to be feeling blue and not quite up to par, so perk up those sad ears and send a doggie gift that is sure to please. A wonderful selection of doggy treats (all baked here in the USA) and an adorable chill pill plush squeaker toy that he will love when he’s back up and feeling better. Sending a get well dog gift is always appreciated by both the dog and their owner.
Paws and Claws for Dog and CatPaws and Claws for Dog and CatOur fabulous Paws and Claws gift basket is designed for those homes with both dog(s) and cat(s) as it contains treats for both. This gift is perfect for any gift occasion for the pets or even for that hard to buy for pet owner that would really enjoy treats for their family’s pets.
Pooch Heaven Dog GiftPooch Heaven Dog GiftThis adorable dog gift is truly a gift sent from heaven as it’s filled with a wide selection of doggie biscuits. Biscuits of various shapes, sizes and flavors but we’re not done there; we’ve even included our famous Cassidy’s Gourmet Bisket Mix where you can bake those tasty biscuits at home too! Very simple directions and we’ve even included a bone shaped biscuit cutter. This gift is designed inside a black faux leather embossed container which the pet parent can use for a variety of uses after the biscuits are gone.
Snob Pup Gift BasketSnob Pup Gift BasketFor that elegant, designer dog that has everything; this Snob Pup Gift Basket is for you. Don’t send them just any gift basket with ordinary treats; send our Snob Pup Gift Basket; the one with extraordinary gourmet snobby treats AND a none other than Sniffany & Co. plush bone. Yes, recognize and acknowledge the doggy status with this outstanding dog gift for that one-of-a-kind dog. Great gift for a new dog, doggie birthdays, doggie appreciation gifts and more.
Let's Pawty Dog GiftLet's Pawty Dog GiftLet’s face it; some dogs are simply Pawty Animals!! To celebrate those special dogs that love to socialize and eat treats (and not necessarily in that order) we’ve got the perfect gift for them; our Let’s Pawty Dog Gift. Filled with a wide assortment of yummy crunchy biscuits in a whole variety of flavors and even shapes and sizes this gift is certain to get him in that playful mood. To expend some of that fun energy built up inside almost any dog we’ve included a couple play toys you can toss and play with. It’s time to share our fun loving Let’s Pawty Dog Gift with your favorite canine today!
Biscuits and Bones Dog GiftBiscuits and Bones Dog GiftA beautiful reusable tin with intricate design at the top holds this assortment of goodies for your favorite canine friend(s). Filled with nothing but biscuits we offer large biscuits, small biscuits and even bake-at-home biscuits. Your canine friend will enjoy these biscuit treats in a wide variety of flavors too! Perfect choice for birthdays, appreciation, new dog and more.
Sporty Dog GiftSporty Dog GiftDogs are the best - born to run, play and have fun! This sporty dog gift covers it all starting with a large assortment of tasty and healthy treats and several toys to play fetch. All this fun and deliciousness comes tucked inside this rustic natural tin with and evergreen tree border. Perfect for any occasion.
Sophisticated Dog Gift Basket Sophisticated Dog Gift Basket Get their tails a waggin’ with this outstanding and sophisticated dog gift. Desired by both corporations to families, this gift is suitable for the movie star dog to the dog next door. An excellent choice in high end sophistication and beyond. Artfully designed to include an assortment of gourmet dog treats to our very own bake at home mix that every dog devours.
Playtime Dog GiftPlaytime Dog GiftLooking for an outstanding dog gift that is filled with nothing but toys and treats? Here it is! Our Playtime Dog Gift is artfully arranged with both a great selection of yummy crunchy treats and an assortment of fun plush dog toys that will entertain and amuse Fido for hours. This gift for dogs is a perfect way to welcome a new puppy, celebrate a doggy birthday or for simply any reason at all! Dogs love three things: their family, biscuits and toys.
Classy Dog GiftClassy Dog GiftPawsitively a great dog gift basket filled with everything a dog loves… biscuits! Our Classy Dog gift basket is loaded with great high-end treats and is always a certain way to any dog’s heart. Different shapes, sizes and even flavors and our very own bake at home biscuits. An adorable Sniffany & Co. Plush Bone Squeaker Toy is also included to round out this fabulous dog gift. It’s perfect for any gifting occasion from corporate to personal!
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