Dog & Owner Gift Baskets
Dog and Owner Gift Baskets
Our Dog and Owner Gift Baskets are a unique gift idea for almost any occasion; including dog lovers birthdays, dog lover thank you gifts or even a corporate gift for that special client or dog loving business associate. Dog & Owner Gift Baskets, Free Ground Shipping

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Forever Buddies Care PackageForever Buddies Care PackageAn adorable pet themed mailer holds treats for both the dog and his owner and is a great way to send well wishes, celebratory wishes, thinking of you, new home and is suitable for about any occasion you can imagine. Our gifts for pets and owners are unique and our customers and recipients love them!
Many Thanks Dog & Owner GiftMany Thanks Dog & Owner GiftSending a thank you gift is a wonderful way to say you’re appreciated or that your service or patronage has been noticed, but when you send a dog lover appreciation gift to a dog owner, you’ve now made a wonderful gesture to include their beloved dog as well. Our dog lover gifts are a huge hit with not only family and friends, but across the corporate industry as well as they contain treats for both the owner and the dog!
Warm Wishes for Dog & OwnerWarm Wishes for Dog & OwnerSend them a gift they are certain to enjoy by including biscuits for their dog as well! These wildly popular pet lover gifts are a perfect choice for almost any gifting occasion as they include goodies and treats for both the dog and his owner.
Special Delivery Dog and Owner GiftSpecial Delivery Dog and Owner GiftMany times we need to send a card or small gift to someone going thru tough times, for their birthday and more and never really know what to say or send but with this gift, it is easier than ever to pick the perfect gift for the occasion. With treats for both the owner and their favorite fur baby, this gift delivers the just right touch.
Smiles and Wags Dog and Owner GiftSmiles and Wags Dog and Owner GiftNeed to send a gift for someone who loves their dog? Send them a gift they can share! Our Smiles and Wags Dog and Owner gift is sure to please as it comes with treats for the owner and a beautiful bakery fresh and hand decorated doggy biscuits just for Fido. This gift would be perfect for get well, birthdays, gift for appreciation, and thank you and more.
Healing Thoughts Dog & Owner GiftHealing Thoughts Dog & Owner GiftOur wonderful dog and owner gifts are a perfect way to acknowledge a sick pup or a dog owner whose feeling a bit down and under the weather. This dog lover gift can be used for either! Tell them you’re thinking of them and wishing them a quick recovery.
On the Mend Dog and Owner GiftOn the Mend Dog and Owner GiftSometimes we just want to send healthy vibes and get well wishes to our family and friends and even to their dogs as well. This gift is a dog lovers dream come true because it has goodies inside for both of them. So go ahead and send for the sick dog lover or for the dog whose feeling a bit ruff; this gift is sure to make your well wishes even more extra special.
Goodies for Dog & Owner Gift BasketGoodies for Dog & Owner Gift BasketWhat can be better than receiving a gift? Sharing it with your favorite canine! We designed this special pet lover gift with treats for both the family dog and for the owner as well. Fido will enjoy an assortment of yummy gourmet biscuits while the family enjoys fabulous cookies and more! Lots of yummy treats for everyone inside this pet lover gift.
Delicious Greeting Dog & Owner GiftDelicious Greeting Dog & Owner GiftA country styled gift that is designed for both the family dog and the family. This is a great way to celebrate special occasions like birthdays for either, to show appreciation and thanks for someone’s extra hard work either personal or at work. Our dog lover gifts have been a very popular gift to send for every gifting occasion.
Uptown Dog & Owner GiftUptown Dog & Owner GiftThis beautifully themed pet lover gift contains goodies for both the dog and the family! Fido is sure to enjoy the variety of gourmet biscuits while the family will enjoy the makings of one fine homemade pizza and more. Our dog lover gifts are always a hit and are enjoyed by the whole family; even Fido!
Happy Munching Dog & Owner GiftHappy Munching Dog & Owner GiftWhen sending the right gift is so important; remember they love their four legged friends and our pet lover gifts are a perfect choice. Filled with an assortment of goodies for both the dog(s) and the owner our collection of dog lover gifts meets the goal with both style and taste.
Biscuits & Cookies for Dog & OwnerBiscuits & Cookies for Dog & OwnerThis bright and fun gift is designed with both the pet and his owner in mind as it is filled with goodies for both. Fido is sure to enjoy the assortment of yummy gourmet biscuit flavors and a brand new ceramic bowl while the owner enjoys the famous Cookie Kit that was shown on the TV show Shark Tank and more. A delightful assortment for both and a wonderful way to acknowledge man’s best friend for any gifting occasion.
Sending Hugs Gift for Dog & OwnerSending Hugs Gift for Dog & OwnerWhat a beautiful and perfect gift to send to someone that simply needs a hug! We all love to bend over and give that special pooch a hug and sometimes they really need one too so this gift is perfect for any dog and owner. Filled with comfort foods for both the dog and owner, this gift is a perfect basket to send for those feeling under the weather, a great gift idea for a sympathy basket or just a simple pick me up or birthday. A universal gift filled with comfort and hugs just for them.
Friends Forever Dog & Owner GiftFriends Forever Dog & Owner GiftWe know that a man’s best friend is his dog so why not celebrate the occasion with a gift that includes treats for both of them… all in one gift. Our Friends Forever collection is filled with an assortment of goodies that the pet owner is sure to enjoy and dogs love biscuits so we’ve made sure there are plenty inside this gift for Fido. 
Delicious Treats for Dog & Owner GiftDelicious Treats for Dog & Owner GiftA beautiful and reusable container is attractively filled with an assortment of treats for both the dog and the owner. While the owner is mixing up some of these old fashioned meal treats Fido can munch and crunch on his collection of yummy biscuits. Truly a gift for the family and the dog this gift is always a huge hit for friends, family and grandparents just love this gift!
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